Is PLA with a core of PETG an advancement in filament technology, or just the latest fad?

Stronghero3D and some other companies have recently released filament combining PLA with a core of PETG. What benefits are there from this new melding of materials and are there any disadvantages?

CNC Kitchen:

• 2 Colors in 1 – Unique Co-Extrusion F…

Shadow Purple
Mirror Chrome Glitter Blue Purple Black
Burnt Titanium, Blue, Purple, Black
Matte Rock Yellow Brown Red Black
Multi Color Wood Filament
Shadow Red
Shadow Red-Purple-Blue
Shadow Rock-Black-White
Shadow Golden Fire

The Roctopus by jacoob3
MOM Suspended String Art by 3DPrintBunny:…
Silver Dragon Wyrmling by The Dragon’s Den:
StarLight & MoonLight Baby Dragons by The Dragon’s Den:…
Tempest Vase 2 by 3DPrintBunny:…
Dragon Whelp by Nikko Industries:

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