At Filament Stories, we love filament!  


Our story began when our founder, Courtney, became frustrated with the images she found on company web sites.   How could you tell if the filament was what you were looking for when the only pictures focused on the spool label or models that were small and not well-lit?  Some companies even had product pictures with their filament sealed in plastic bags.

Not to be deterred, Courtney would take a risk and order the filament to find out for herself.  But there was more, as the visual appearance of a filament didn’t matter if it doesn’t print well.   What was the story of each filament?

It was with this idea that Filament Stories was founded.  The mission was simple: showcase filaments from around the world and in so doing, connect people and filament companies together.


There are so many beautiful filaments in this world.  I want to share the joy I have for filaments with everyone.

Courtney Blum

Founder, Filament Stories